Gamer revolution: Sony inserts virtual buttons into physical controls

One of the largest companies in the video games decided to innovate even more. Sony, it seems, will implement new technologies to improve game controls.

The company recently patented a solution that combines virtual buttons with finger tracking, which should offer the user an even more immersive and interactive experience.

The idea, basically, would be to adopt a multimodal approach, in order to enable more virtual buttons on physical controls. Ever wonder? It would be a great revolution for gamers.

Finger movement

Sony has been investing for years to create tracking technologies in its controls – Photo: Internet/Reproduction

The new technology, according to the record, uses several methods to track finger movements. With this, you can go from superficial analysis of Bluetooth signals to advanced systems with artificial intelligence (AI).

This, of course, is the definitive evidence of what Sony pursued in recent years the development of finger tracking technologies. Apparently, the company found a final solution.

Sony wants to revolutionize the market and, to this end, proposes varied implementations on its consoles.

This ranges from the use of smartphone cameras to inertial measurement units, capable of monitoring body properties such as force and angular rotation rate.

Sensor controls for everything

Virtual button tracking methods, heavily invested in by Sony, include several advantages, such as camera finger analysis, distance sensors, pressure sensors and even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data analysis.

The patent registered by the company is very broad and suggests a series of possible implementations.

It is now possible to consider, for example, the creation of a new version of the control DualSense or even new accessories for use in games.

The simple insertion of virtual buttons on physical controls already represents a great evolution in the possibilities of interaction in games.

Depending on the way technology will be applied, the way people interact with games could change a lot, and for the better!

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