Not long! Disney+ will start banning password sharing soon

Created a single account in one streaming platforms and now you want to share your password with others? Know that, from now on, many companies will inhibit this practice.

It turns out that several platforms have noticed that this practice slows down the increase in streaming subscribers. Because of this, they began to grant access only to people who live in the same residence.

As a result, these same streaming platforms are taking measures to curb password sharing between different households.

This is the case of Disney+which, following in the footsteps of Netflix, will now also ban the sharing of passwords on its platform.

Based on information from an email sent by Disney+ and Hulu, the streaming platform plans to implement restrictions on sharing passwords between different households.

As mentioned, Disney+ will have the right to revoke access to accounts that are identified sharing passwords with users from different households.

The email further highlights that, unless explicitly permitted by the service level, subscriptions they should not be shared by people living in different households.

Here, the term ‘household’ is defined as the set of devices associated with the subscriber’s primary residence and used by members living there.

Disney+ will change the platform’s policy – ​​Image: Reproduction

This measure aims to restrict access to users who are not within the same home environment, in accordance with information published by the portal comic books.

Disney+ will begin banning password sharing

It is expected that monitoring and subsequent application of penalties to users who fail to comply with the terms established by the platform will begin at the end of March.

Previously, Disney CEO, Bob Igerhad suggested that the no-password-sharing policy could only be implemented in 2025.

The contract states that the platform reserves the right to analyze the use of accounts to ensure compliance with its terms.

If it is determined that there was violation of the contract, the platform has the authority to restrict or terminate access to the service, in addition to taking other measures permitted by the contract.

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