Call of Duty: Terrible malware destroys scammers’ cryptocurrencies

Call of Duty malware

In addition to Call of Duty Warzone, the multiplayer modes of canon parts such as Modern Warfare 3 are not spared from cheating. This bug is ruining the games of millions of players worldwide, who regularly find themselves up against invincible opponents thanks to aimbots, wallhacks and similar things.

In recent years the American broadcaster has stepped up its measures against “hackers” with varying degrees of success. For example, we remember this original functionality added to Ricochet in November 2023.Activision’s anti-cheat software. baptized WarningThis feature deprived cheaters of a parachute before falling onto the map in Warzone, resulting in a fatal fall. The slightest jump meant a fatal fall for the survivors.

Activision’s war against cheating has also been fought on the legal front. In February 2023, the publisher of a famous cheating software was fined 3 million euros. A strong message to all other streamers.

Malware targets millions of cheaters in Call of Duty and Activision games

And ironically, we learned that a massive hacking campaign is currently affecting multiple people. 5 million Call of Duty players. And they all have one thing in common: They cheat. As account VX-Underground on X (Twitter) explains, a cheat software provider (Phantom Overlay) was alerted to fraudulent activity when user accounts began making unauthorized purchases.

As far as we know, Hackers have released seemingly genuine cheat software that actually contains malware. The malware in question was used to steal credentials of targeted players in various Activision-Blizzard games. Call of Duty, Diablo IV, World of Warcraft Or Overwatch. According to an IT security expert, more than one 3.6 million accounts was compromised as it was 560,000 Activision accounts.

But that’s not all. Some affected users also claim to have been victims of cryptocurrency influx. In other words, cryptocurrency assets were emptied. We currently have no information about the amount of damage. Note that in 2018, Fortnite players were affected by similar malware.

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Activision is investigating cheat software providers

Note that Activision is aware of the issue, with the American publisher even working with cheatware vendors to help affected users (we’ll have seen it all).

“We are aware that the credentials of some players in the industry may be compromised by malware when downloading or using unauthorized software.” announced an Activision spokesperson to our colleagues at TechCrunch. In his press release, The American broadcaster still guarantees these servers “stay safe and uncompromising“. They also advise targeted players to strengthen the security of their accounts by changing their passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.

Source : TechCrunch

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