Deadliest planet in the galaxy revealed in ‘Star Wars’ comic

The galaxy of Star Wars has always been full of iconic locations that play crucial roles in the plot, and one of them is Coruscant.

This planet was once known as the “jewel of the Central Worlds”, the scene of crucial events in the history of the franchise over time.

Now, a new development is about to redefine the vision of this iconic place.

New in ‘Star Wars’ comics!

In comics published by marvel comics, Star Wars has undergone revisions and expansions of its canon. Now, Coruscant faces a threat like never before.

In the Dark Droids crossover, set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, a mysterious entity known as the Scourge is wreaking havoc.

Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

The Scourge is a viral artificial intelligence that originated from ancient technologies hidden by the Sith long ago. This AI manages to quickly spread among droids, enslaving them and launching attacks against the Empire.

What makes this threat even more sinister is his desire to control the Force through biological beings.

The situation reaches a critical point when Vader, one of the most iconic characters in the saga, heads towards Coruscant.

Then, a dialogue reveals that the planet is no longer the safe haven it used to be, and now Coruscant is home to the largest concentration of droids across the galaxy, making it the deadliest place.

The imminent arrival of the Scourge turns Coruscant into the epicenter of the threat.

With the Scourge’s ability to spread like a pandemic and the recent opening of the Sith prison known as the Fermata Cage, which released this destructive AI, the Force has become unpredictable, affecting its users’ powers at random.

Coruscant, previously considered a neutral and safe place, has now become hostile territory.

With the presence of the Scourge and the imminent battle between two Sith Lords, the planet lost its status as a “safe haven”, becoming the deadliest place in the galaxy, according to current canon from Star Wars.

This unexpected twist is making fans of the franchise anxious to know how this story will unfold in the “Star Wars” comics.

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With Coruscant at the center of the action, the stakes are higher than ever and the galaxy is on the verge of an epic upheaval.

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