‘AUdacioso’: doguinho will compete in the 2024 Speedrun World Championship

In the world of sports, competitiveness knows no limits, and this statement extends beyond the human scope. In a scenario that surprises both sports enthusiasts and games As for those who love animals, a new protagonist is about to be present at the World Speedrun Championship.

However, this participant is of a somewhat unusual species: a puppy. The enigmatic pup Peanut Butter is ready to challenge the conventional idea of ​​esports, demonstrating that determination and training can transcend species boundaries and lead to truly amazing competition.

Peanut Butter will compete in the 2024 Speedrun World Championship

Image: JSR/Reproduction

The Speedrun tournament scene is typically dominated by skilled players and video game enthusiasts.

However, the 2024 AGDQ is about to surprise everyone with the presence of a very unique participant: Peanut Butter, or PB, a dog who stood out for his exceptional intelligence and training in speedruns.

Peanut Butter demonstrated his talent by completing an impressive speedrun of Gyromite, a classic game from the NES, in just 25 minutes and 29 seconds. The feat not only left the gaming community stunned, but also generated a lot of excitement around his participation in AGDQ.

At the tournament, Peanut Butter and her tutor, JSR_, are preparing to perform a Speedrun of “The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link”, a considerably more complex challenge. The dog’s ability to follow commands and respond accurately makes this endeavor even more intriguing.

AGDQ fans can look forward to their performancewhich is scheduled for January 20th, at 3:20 pm, Brasília time, according to the official event schedule.

This unusual participation promises to raise the level of emotion even further. tournament. After all, who could have predicted that an intelligent, well-trained pup would become such an endearing attraction at a prestigious tournament like the AGDQ?

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