Auctioned ‘Star Wars’ script may even contain Harrison Ford’s sweat

Star Wars‘ is more than a film saga, it is an epic journey that transcends time and space.

Each lightsaber blast and iconic phrase transports us to a distant galaxy, sparking our imagination and adventurous spirit.

Successful film script goes up for auction

Recently, ‘Star Wars’ collectors and fans were given an extraordinary opportunity. The original script for ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’ was for sale.

Signed on March 15, 1976, the document is titled ‘The Adventures of Luke Skywalker’, this rare artifact promised the entire script and details of the creation of this cinematic landmark.

The British Excalibur Auctions was the company in charge of auctioning the relic. And, to the delight of fans, an Austrian collector was the lucky one who acquired it, shelling out a considerable sum of R$67,000.

Unprecedented connection!

Launch poster for ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’. Image: Reproduction

Interestingly, the new owner of this treasure is also the owner of a residence in Notting Hill, London.

This property has a history that is intertwined with the saga itself. During a crucial period, the house was rented by none other than Harrison Ford, the iconic Han Solo. At the time of the rental, the actor was immersed in preparing to play his role.

According to Sarah Torode, co-owner of Excalibur Auctions, it is possible that the script even contains Harrison Ford’s sweat.

Imagining the legendary Han flipping through the pages as he prepared to bring one of the most beloved heroes to life is simply mesmerizing.

In addition to his dedication to his work, Harrison Ford left a mark as a kind and organized tenant.

During his time there, he was not only an actor immersed in his craft, but also a human being involved with his family and community.

The property’s owners fondly recall how Harrison occasionally spent time with them and even attended the owners’ first child’s birthday.

Thus, the sale of the script for ‘A New Hope’ is not just a commercial transaction, but a celebration of the magic of movie theater and the lasting connection that fans have with the ‘Star Wars’ saga.

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