HQs: new Punisher annihilates classic Marvel villain

The Punisher, also known as Punisheris an iconic character from Marvel comic books.

Created by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru and John Romita Sr., he made his first appearance in “The Amazing Spider-Man #129”, released in 1974.

Frank Castle, the Punisher’s alter ego, was originally a highly decorated Marine. His life changed drastically when his wife and children were murdered as part of a conspiracy criminal.

Consumed by the desire for revenge, Castle decides to dedicate his life to fighting crime ruthlessly.

The character began as a secondary villain, initially antagonizing Spider-Man due to a misunderstanding.

However, the anti-hero’s popularity grew and he soon got his own comic book series, “The Punisher”, launched in 1986.

In the most recent issue of “Punisher #1”, the newly emerged Punisher, Joe Garrison, left his mark by annihilating one of Marvel’s classic villains: Calvin Zabo, the fearsome Mister Hyde.

Despite his lesser-known status, Zabo is an old figure in comics, facing off against established heroes like Thor, Spider man and Daredevil over the years.

Image: Marvel/Reproduction

The outcome of the plot is shocking: excessive doses of the mutant hormone were injected into Zabo by the new Punisher, resulting in his inevitable death.

This bold and dark act signals a significant shift in the Marvel universe as Garrison takes on the mantle of the Punisher.

The investigation

With the vacuum left by Castle, the city finds itself facing a ruthless vigilante, ready to infiltrate the shadows and hunt down criminals.

The new Punisher’s thought-provoking narrative promises to explore not only the physical battle against crime, but also the moral dilemmas that permeate this challenging role.

As new threats emerge, it becomes clear that criminals now face an even more dangerous adversary.

O Punisherin the form of Joe Garrison, reveals himself as a force to be feared on the streets, bringing with him a new standard of dark justice to the Marvel universe.

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