Will the Tesla app be available on Apple Watch soon? Response came from Elon Musk

Tesla’s app It continues to evolve to become more and more fluid and intuitive. Recently enriched innovative featuresSuch as the integration of Apple Shortcuts that provide quick access to the car’s controls or air conditioning. This improvement, introduced last year, is part of the desire to achieve each of them. interaction by vehicle as simple as possible with a gesture or voice command. Additionally, the recent integration of an AI assistant into the app aims to provide more direct and personalized assistance. sentry mode management To specific answers regarding vehicle features.

At the same time, Tesla has also optimized access to its vehicles thanks to Ultra Wideband (UWB). make unlocking easier without even taking the phone out of his pocket. This function adds to the growing list of possibilities designed to improve the handling of the brand’s vehicles. Imagine These technologies are around the wristThrough an official application for the Apple Watch, we see some promise. More direct and elegant useWhere every function will be at your fingertips without having to dig into your pockets.

Elon Musk said that an application may be coming for Apple Watch

Tesla owners who want it right now They control their cars with their Apple Watch Turn to apps like Tessie or Stats. These solutions offer basic features Such as opening the doors or starting the vehicle remotely. Still a official app what the car manufacturer can do bring additional optionsBetter integration with the car’s systems and a more user-friendly interface make daily use even more comfortable.

Interest in the Tesla app on Apple Watch has experienced a strong resurgence following: Conversation between Elon Musk and a user about X. Integration question received typically a short answer but hopeful from Musk: “Of course.” Musk has frequently transformed his mind simple expressions, like “of course” or “okay” on her social network in reality. In the past, it has supported ideas like Wi-Fi support for garage doors or PIN for the glove box. When they respond to these requests, there’s a good chance they really are. already planned in the company’s program. Such an application would make vehicle management even more accessible and allow, for example, to check the charging status or preheat before entering the passenger compartment. with a simple movement on the clock.

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