OnePlus Watch: first official teaser of the connected watch, launch is very close!

most OnePlus 8T It became official yesterday. We have published several articles on this subject. A brief presentation of the smartphone. A complete dossier for those who want to learn a little more. And a test especially for those who want to know if the smartphone is good. And that’s because he got a very good grade. But now that it’s launched, OnePlus should look to its next products to reveal.

According to several leaks, a new launch is scheduled for October 26. It is not certain whether this concerns France, but it is highly likely. This event will be an opportunity to discover at least one smartphone: OnePlus Nord N10 5G. Another product could join it: the OnePlus Watch, which has been Arlesian for several years but whose existence has been strongly confirmed by recent leaks.

just a matter of time

And its launch is coming soon. The brand’s subsidiary in India posted a message on its Twitter account (which you can find at the end of this article). It claims that a new product will be coming to the OnePlus ecosystem soon. and not anymore it’s only a matter of time “Obviously it’s a quibble: soon it’s time to explore the product, and it’s product time. So it’s a connected watch.

Moreover, the visual accompanying the message leaves practically no doubt about the nature of the product. You see the design of a connected watch like the Apple Watch, consisting of a detachable (circular) case and a strap system to attach. The sketch was drawn in 2015 and has been the subject of numerous articles, including PhonAndroid’s in 2016.

The co-founder of the brand, Carl Pei, who shared this image at that time, felt that the market was not yet mature enough for another smartwatch and gave up on the project. Four years later, the brand seems to have changed its mind, Following the example of OppoAnother brand of BBK group. Indeed, Oppo launched its first connected watch, the Oppo Watch, this month. It’s a model similar to the Apple Watch in many ways. It is not yet clear whether this will be the case with this OnePlus Watch as well.

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