OnePlus Watch: an update fixes the connected watch’s bugs

OnePlus took advantage of the launch of the OnePlus 9 to announce its first connected watch, the OnePlus Watch. The smart watch offered at a price of 159 €, Smart Clothing, an in-house operating system rather than Google’s WearOS. Despite the software expertise of the Chinese brand, the watch is some bugs.

Always very responsive, OnePlus deployed OnePlus Watch’s first update. Initially, the firmware will be available to a handful of users residing in the United States and Canada. Then the distribution will spread to the rest of the world if no faults are detected.

What are the future innovations for OnePlus Watch?

As OnePlus explains on its official forum, the update gets better first GPS performance of the watch, “activity tracking accuracy” and “heart rate tracking algorithm”. This firmware should therefore improve the compatibility functions of the accessory. OnePlus is also evolving “wrist lift activation function” automatically activates the clock display when the user raises their wrist to check the time.

The manufacturer also “advanced system stability” and “fixed some known bugs”. Hopefully the developers have been able to fix the bug we spotted in our testing that was preventing messages received as a result from being readable.

Finally, OnePlus takes stock future features to be integrated into the watch. The brand has announced 4 new languages ​​(German, Italian, Spanish and Polish), more than 110 training modes, an AI-optimized dial and the option to remotely control a smartphone’s camera. First of all, the manufacturer confirms that an Always-On mode is coming. This mode will constantly show the time on the screen, just like the latest Apple Watches. Hopefully, this option doesn’t ruin battery life.

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