Google prepares to launch new Chromecast with premium Google TV

The first Chromecast with Google TV came out over two years ago and was recently merged with a more accessible model of the same name, but this version is limited to Full HD content rather than 4K. In our testing, the device offers pretty respectable performance for its price, but Google now wants to release a brand new model.

Indeed, according to 9to5Google, a new Chromecast with Google TV is in the works and is expected to launch later this year. Reporters examining Google’s source code discovered A new device codenamed “YTC”. As a reminder, previous models were called “YTV” for Chromecast with Google TV (4K version) and “YTB” for Chromecast with Google TV (HD).

A more premium Chromecast with Google TV may arrive in 2023

For now, there is no indication that the new Chromecast with Google TV will be a higher-end device than its predecessors, but everything indicates that Google should release a Chromecast with a better spec sheet. Now that we have a Chromecast 4K and a Chromecast HD, It seems logical that the new device is more premium.

this does not want don’t necessarily say that the new device can support 8K definition, but we can expect more storage or even a new processor to better accommodate Android TV’s new hardware requirements, for example. 9to5Google also expects to see a second USB-C port for plugging in accessories or additional storage.

At the moment, it is not known exactly when Google will be able to make this new Chromecast available. However, as with almost all products of the American manufacturer, we will certainly have the opportunity to see it in stolen photos before the more official presentation. It will be necessary to look at the balances applied in the current models to know when the next generation may arrive.

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