Connected watches: This functionality dedicated to your health actually turns out to be dangerous

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THE linked watchesLike the Apple Watch, it is sometimes positioned as a rival special medical equipment Thanks to its advanced functions health monitoring. A recent study even showed that it would be more effective at detecting heart problems than some specialized medical devices. But despite these promising advances, certain functions of these connected devices have been suspended due to legal disputes; This reveals the complexity of their integration in this area.

Lately FDA communication It brings a new perspective to the use of wearable technologies in health monitoring. By warning against use of connected watches And smart rings To measure glucose levels. The agency draws attention to important points about the reliability and safety of these innovations.

Linked watches: Do not use their functions that allow you to measure your sugar level

FDA, US Food and Drug Administration, warns users Patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals alike are aware of the risks associated with the use of connected watches or smart rings. measure glucose level without opening the skin. According to the agency, these devices was not authorizedVerified or validated for such autonomous measurements. THE diabetes management mistakesAdministering the wrong dose of insulin or other hypoglycemic medications based on incorrect measurements can lead to serious consequences such as mental confusion, coma, and even death. death.

Faced with this situation, the FDA recommends: not to acquire or use connected watches or smart rings that claim to be able to measure blood sugar levels. He also advises healthcare professionals to check in with their patients risks associated with these devices Unauthorized and refer them to the institution’s authorized glucose monitoring devices, such as continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. The organization continues to monitor the medical device market to prevent illegal marketing It provides information about these unapproved products and informs the public about these safety concerns.

For now, this FDA warning mainly concerns the following: marketed models Like the Huawei Watch GT4 in China, which offers this glucose measurement function. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not purchase these products online in the hope of using this option outside the Chinese market.

Source : fda

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