Connected objects: One-third of users leave them within 6 months!

According to a study by the firm GfK, a third of users of connected objects will leave them within six months. It is a figure that stands out with the increase in the number of products coming to the market. Consumers do not seem very impressed.

GfK’s work mainly focuses on the connected objects market. 1000 users were chosen as the basis of the study. According to the firm, 11% of connected objects sold on the market are watchesand 39% are activity trackers.

Frankly, the most striking information is this: 33% of users of these linked objects completely abandon them within six months. It’s still a growing market. More and more brands are entering and almost all of the industry giants have marketed their connected objects.

activity tracker

Apple has announced its Apple Watch for 2015, Samsung and LG are already well established and Motorola has just launched the Moto 360. HTC has hinted that its connected watch will launch in 2015 alongside Microsoft.

Despite all these efforts, the market is struggling to recover, according to GfK mainly due to the still very high prices of the devices. This will be the first brake on the purchase. It is true that the complete equipment is quite expensive, as the connected objects are directly connected to a smartphone. Therefore, for a complete equipment, it is necessary to count between 500 and 1000 €, depending on the range of the smartphone in question.


In fact, owning a connected object is like buying a second entry-level or mid-range smartphone in terms of budget. It’s a financial sacrifice that users don’t seem ready to make, given the functionality the products offer.

Because it is the second point that slows consumers down to jump on new high-tech products. this recommended features don’t seem advanced enough to meet the user’s needs. Therefore, this early abandonment after six months.


Also, the research reveals that the users who keep their objects connected the longest are those who see their devices regularly updated with really useful new features. user is not looking not only an object that acts as a relay for its notifications, but also a truly differentiated productpractical.

There is no doubt that manufacturers will do their best to meet the needs of their customers and future customers, and will offer more innovative features than ever before.

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