Apple Watch severely burns its owner, Apple disagrees

We already know the stories of pyromaniac smartphones that start to get hot enough to burn their owner. In fact, a young man from the Nancy district recently told his story with the iPhone 5C.

Today, the story of Jorgen Mouritzen, a Dane, is circulating on the Internet. There is no burning smartphone in its history, but the clock, Apple Watch with two beautiful holes in the wrist due to unexplained overheating.

In any case, the information provided by Danish site Extra Bladet describing the incident took place on 17 October. According to Jorgen Mouritzen, who wears the watch, the latter getting incomprehensibly hot until seriously burned.

apple watch burnt owner

According to an eyewitness, the heat did not come from an external source, but from the clock itself. visibleApple disagrees. After investigating the Cupertino company on its own, he concluded that there was no evidence that the injuries to Moritzen’s wrist were caused by the watch case or the bracelet.

The American giant also added: accident caused by an external source and said that there are no electronic parts in the Apple Watch that could burn its wearer. Apple’s Danish press relations also said that this issue is private and should remain between the company and the customer.

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Jorgen Moritzen asked the company to replace his burned-out Apple Watch. The latter has not spoken about it and refuses to comment further on this case. Next time, dear Jorgen might prefer a nice mechanical watch.


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