How to Upgrade from iOS 8 beta to iOS 8 Public Release

If you’re using iOS 8 beta or iOS 8 GM, you can upgrade to the full version of iOS 8 without downgrading to iOS 7, but you’ll need to manually upgrade to iOS 8 on your devices.

If you’re still in the iOS 8 beta, it’s a good idea to upgrade to the official iOS 8 version as soon as possible. There is less rush for users who have tried iOS 8 GM, but it’s still a good idea to go back to Apple’s latest official updates.

You can upgrade from iOS 8 beta to iOS 8 public version seamlessly, and you can even avoid a long restore if you want to do the iOS 8 upgrade quickly.

Learn how to upgrade from iOS 8 beta or iOS 8 GM to iOS 8 release.

You need a computer with iTunes, a charging cable, and a little more time than a typical iOS 8 update for this to work. You won’t be able to launch this until the iOS 8 release time on September 17, but you can prepare for the process now.]

If you’re running an iOS 8 beta, you should upgrade to iOS 8 immediately, as iOS 8 betas will expire at a certain date in the future. iOS 8 GM doesn’t end like betas do, but it’s still a good idea to upgrade while you think about it.

How to Upgrade from iOS 8 Beta to iOS 8 Final

Before you begin, you need to find the official iOS 8 download for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There are certain iOS 8 updates for various models and you need to fix one or it won’t work. If you’re an iOS developer, you can get it from Apple in the Developer Center.

For users who installed iOS 8 GM for free or paid to try the iOS 8 beta, you should be able to find official iOS 8 downloads at: IMZDL and other websites in the afternoon after iOS 8 release. Options will take several hours to arrive, so plan to do this later in the day.

one. Download iOS 8 official version .ipsw.

2. Plug your iPhone or iPad into a computer and open iTunes.

3. Perform backup just to be safe.

4. Click iPhone in the upper right in iTunes. If you see the Restore and Upgrade options, you are on the right screen.

Specifically, click Check Upgrade.

Specifically, click Check Upgrade.

5. . A custom click involves holding down a key while left clicking.

6. and

Select your iOS 8 download and complete the upgrade.

Select your iOS 8 download and complete the upgrade.

7. . This can take 15 minutes or longer, depending on how long it takes for the update to be verified with Apple servers.

After the iPhone or iPad update is complete, you will be running the full and official iOS 8 version on your device. If you need to do this on multiple devices, make sure you select the correct .ipsw file.

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