After Samsung, Honor is preparing its own rival for the Galaxy Ring

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On Monday, February 26, Samsung took advantage of the opening of MWC 2024 in Barcelona to officially lift the curtain on its brand new connected ring, the Galaxy Ring. Moyens I/O managed to take a look at this thing that managed to impress us even though we cannot touch it. So we’re not too surprised to see the competition now rushing to introduce its own connected ring.

Apple was the first to draw the line, via a report from ETNews that claimed the release date would be announced soon. Today it’s Onur’s turn to join the dance. In an interview with our colleagues at CNCB, CEO George Zhao confirmed that the manufacturer has already joined the connected ring race. Without risking giving too much away and certainly without a release window.

Honor may soon launch its own version of the Galaxy Ring

“We have this kind of solution in-house and we are currently working on this part so you can get an Honor Ring soon.”, George Zhao said. In terms of operation, we should expect something very similar to the Galaxy Ring, that is, a ring that focuses primarily on the collection of health data, which will then be analyzed and summarized by a dedicated smartphone application.

“This device will work with artificial intelligence-based applications (and) will analyze your habits and health data and make recommendations, helping you adapt your professional workouts to your needs.” Before finishing his words, the CEO continues: “I think artificial intelligence will transform these types of applications.”

Source : CBNC

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