Amazon Prime Video: We finally know when ads will arrive in France

amazon prime video ad

We have been talking about ads coming to Amazon Prime Video in our columns for several months. In January 2023, the American giant launched the Amazon Prime Lite plan, a cheaper plan with ads, in India. It is enough to suggest the advent of bars in other regions, including France.

In December 2023, the NPA Conseil company published new information about this new formula. According to the company, the ads would air on Prime Video in France in April 2024. However, due to the lack of official confirmation, this date had to be treated with caution.

The structure was correct or nearly correct. In fact, Amazon has just startednSend an email to your French subscribers To clarify the contours of the arrival of ads on Prime Video. We just received this email.

Ads will come to Prime Video starting April 9, 2024

Starting April 9, 2024, Prime Video movies and series will feature a limited number of ads. This will allow us to continue investing in compelling content and increase our investments over the long term to maintain the quality and quantity of content on Prime Video. The American giant writes.

The Seattle firm states: “noticeably fewer commercials than traditional linear television and other streaming services.” Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t give us exact numbers. We will have to see for ourselves the frequency of appearance of ads starting from April 9, 2024.

As for the price of the subscription, it remains unchanged; €9.99 per month. Amazon has you and your wallet in mind for subscribers who are allergic to ads. In fact, the company is also A new paid option that lets you get rid of ads on Prime Video. Invoice €1.99/month additional It is already possible to pre-order a monthly ad-free subscription to ensure that you do not see a single ad in your account after April 9th.

amazon prime video adamazon prime video ad

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