WhatsApp will be able to notify you of missed calls in Do Not Disturb mode

WhatsApp notifications do not disturb

As you know, the beta version of WhatsApp regularly welcomes new features coming to the stable version of the application. For example, in recent weeks, we have learned that a tool that will prevent notifications from snowballing is currently in the testing phase. This feature was introduced as WhatsApp groups can now reach more than 1000 users.

You see, the goal is to ensure that the user is not inundated with notifications when he/she becomes a member of a large group. We also know that it will soon be possible to send messages to yourself and that you can secretly leave the group without alerting other members.

Notifications for missed calls in Do Not Disturb mode

But according to a new report from our colleagues at the site WABetaInfoSome WhatsApp beta users are now Notifications for missed calls and received messages when Android “Do Not Disturb” mode is enabled.

As a reminder, this feature allows you to easily block all incoming notifications at times of the user’s choosing. When this feature is enabled, calls, messages and notifications from your apps will not appear. Although this tool is useful for you to focus whenever you want, it is of course possible that you miss important messages or phone calls.

WhatsApp notifications do not disturbWhatsApp notifications do not disturb

Right now, There is no way to know if a WhatsApp call or message is missed due to Do Not Disturb mode.. However, this will now be the case with this upcoming update of the application. Note that the other person will know that their call is missed, but not why: “Do Not Disturb” mode is activated.

In the meantime, let’s remember that the Android version of WhatsApp is finally catching up. this feature is available in the iOS version of the app since June 2022. Among the newest features in the stable release, you should know that the Communities tab is now publicly accessible. Specifically, it allows users to create subgroups

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