WhatsApp: Watching YouTube videos will soon be possible

The courier service continues to evolve over time. While WhatsApp is wildly successful with 1.2 billion users per hour, the latter decides to test a new feature that should impress a lot of people.

this YouTube videos are shared too often It must be admitted that on the web, the video streaming platform has a very high reputation. That’s why the WhatsApp publisher decided to work on a feature that would allow these videos to be played directly in its app.

WhatsApp will allow YouTube videos to be played within the app

The app’s ergonomics are at the center of the editor’s concerns, as we’ve seen in the live location sharing feature recently added to WhatsApp. The story is somewhat the same, with watching YouTube videos shared by reporters.

Actually, the editor video playback test within various conversations, so we can see them directly in the middle of a discussion. The video will be displayed on the PiP (picture-in-picture or picture-in-picture), so the video will be embedded in a miniature marquee so we can discuss and watch it at the same time.

We can also pinch to zoom in, switch to full screen mode and of course stop video playback. The target audience of this innovation is the iOS app for now, as it has been seen by many testers recently.

However, Android should not be left on the sidelines. We are following this closely and of course we will inform you as soon as we receive any news. All is not rosy for WhatsApp, which risks a heavy fine from the European Commission.

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