Voice personal assistant: Where are Siri and Google now?

A new war begins between the two giants Google and Apple. After succeeding in developing advanced operating systems, each full of useful and useless functions, they will now compete in the voice personal assistant space. Until you say thatApple had already taken the lead thanks to Siri.however, it remains limited for now in terms of its capacities. But Google also made it available shortly after, thanks to Google Assistant, which knows how to anticipate some of the user’s requests.

Contrary to popular belief, however, Mountain View still believes that it has great advantages over its rivals. As a matter of fact, thanks to his experience in the field of search engines, Google better understands user queries and the way they are expressed in a way that allows him to distinguish idiomatic expressions from actual queries. This skill is already being used to make search results more relevant.

On the other hand, Google aims to take the lead thanks to Google Glass, which obliges the customer to express their wishes and thus offers him the opportunity to learn oral language.

Google and Apple: the race for smart Personal Assistants!

In addition, all the data about everyone’s private life, which sometimes causes scandal, will be used by Google’s future voice personal assistant. better anticipate customers’ needsfor example, we can track our phones allowing Google Assistant to know where you live, the location of your workplace and your regular business hours.

However, Apple does not want to be left behind, in fact, the company called Topsy, which the Apple brand presented to it at the beginning of December, analyzes social networks in real time, to better understand human language. In addition, Tim Cook teams have succeeded in creating a more humane and user-friendly personal assistant, which can of course make a difference.

And that Google understands this well, and that’s why the Mountain View company has recently hired many heads of thought to develop the voice personal assistant. beyond simple logarithmic calculationswas inspired by computers speaking from Star Trek as much as possible! What do you think is the future of personal voice assistants?

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