Traffic information: best practices to avoid traffic jams

It’s the same story every year on big departures: everyone seems to meet on the roads at the same time… every time we’re duped. And if you leave on the roads tomorrow, be careful: Saturday, July 9, in the direction of southbound departures, the day will be classified as red, and Sunday will not be very good as the day is classified as orange. So, of course, the apps in our selection will not eliminate traffic jams. but we are sure they will help you short circuit!

Try the all new Smart Bison app

You know bison futé because it’s the name given to the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Marine’s road traffic forecasts. The government has released its iOS and Android app: it wasn’t too soon! This free app gives you advice on your travels and tells you which roads are the most congested with first-hand information: those of the ministry. Application data is updated every 3-6 minutes.

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Smart Traffic, real-time updated app from Google Traffic

Trafic Futé Traffic info: best practices to avoid traffic jams

This app updates in real time from Google Traffic. This system is highly reliable as it is based on the analysis of data sent by millions of phones using Google Maps or its API. All in all, Trafic Futé can be an excellent free alternative to help you get through traffic jams. Please note: This app does not function as GPS. At least in the free version. The “Pro” version is therefore worth considering easily switching paths along the way.


Waze simple, efficient and smart crowdsourcing app

Waze Traffic Info: best practices to avoid traffic jams

If you’re new to Waze, try this app collected from the driver community. So the slightest accident or danger is listed there. And of course, when there’s a little more slowdown, Waze knows that and changes course on its own. In this application you are both the actor and the beneficiary of the information. Your contribution is therefore encouraged!


The other way is crowdsourcing app V-Trafic

V-Trafic Traffic info: best practices to avoid traffic jams

V-Trafic is an alternative to Waze, again based on user engagement. This app has the ability to provide particularly detailed information in major cities, but slightly less outside of major cities. Therefore, it is very good for getting out of residential areas. Beyond that, it will be necessary to use apps like Waze, especially since V-Trafic doesn’t allow you to program routes.

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