Snowball: the app that connects all your messaging and social networks!

Don’t you sometimes think that you spend too much time replying to messages from your friends, family, colleagues? You should reply to the text message from your partner, followed by the Facebook message.

And just as we’re about to finish, a Snapchat notification directs you to the app, and then you switch to What’s App. Replying to everyone already takes forever, but in addition you have to switch from one app to another it becomes a real headache.

To solve this problem, two ex-engineers from Google created the app. The snowball that unites all your messages. So you don’t have to scroll through your different apps. SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hangouts, LINE, WeChat, and Slack have all been bundled into one app, like the Blackberry Hub found on the Canadian manufacturer’s smartphones, but with many more messaging apps.

It is possible to see an overview or to refer to the different messaging systems separately. As soon as a message arrives, whether it’s from Facebook or just an SMS, a small snowball (Snowball) appears on the screen and allows the message to be read immediately without having to exit the running application. Since this app is a huge hit in productivity, one wonders how no one thought of it before.


Now, The app is available in beta, but unfortunately not available in Europe.. According to the designers, whose projects managed to raise $ 2 million by convincing investors, it will be free and exclusive to Android. They’ve only been working on it since May 2014! At this speed, there’s a good chance the app won’t take too long.

Still, there is a long testing phase to fix the app’s lack of stability, but engineers are optimistic and they plan to integrate more messengers into their apps. Both founders of the company have already managed to raise more than $2 million from investors and are already planning to support more applications.

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