PlayStore: Google threatens to remove LastPass and millions of apps that rely on accessibility options

efforts Google to compensate for security vulnerabilities. game store is public knowledge. Despite a machine-learning-enhanced AI capable of ranking apps, the app store regularly suffers from an invasion of rogue apps. An example is the WhatsApp clone, which has been downloaded up to one million times in the Play Store. We might be curious about Google’s ways of dealing with cybersecurity, and this time the Mountain View firm seems to be over-enthusiastic…

Play Store: Google issues an ultimatum to app developers

In a letter to app developers requesting access to accessibility settings, Google isn’t getting there in 4 ways: if they can’t prove why they need that access to improve their interface for users with disabilities, they’ll be kicked out of the PlaysStore. As Google has clarified, apps are only allowed to request accessibility access to assist the user.disabled people to use. We especially consider the visually impaired.

According to 9To5Google and AndroidPolice, Google actually wants annoying apps like BatterySaver System Shortcut, Tasker or LastPass explain to users in detail how they use their access to accessibility settings. As you can imagine, if Google isn’t that uncompromising, it’s meant to improve the security of its users. Accessing accessibility settings can allow potentially malicious applications to steal your passwords and login information.

Third-party apps, which regularly abound in the Play Store, are one of their main tricks to steal usernames and passwords, as noted in a recent Google study of hackers’ methods. That’s why developers only have 30 days to clarify the situation. If so, they will be kicked out of the store. Thousands of apps are affected by this policy change. What do you think about Google’s decision?

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