Microsoft Outlook on Android: offline consultation is now possible

It may not be the most popular or downloaded inbox service on Android, but Outlook has been available on Google’s operating system for nearly two years now, through its dedicated app. The Microsoft service, which took over the Windows Live Hotmail services in the summer of 2012, offers to manage the existing email account from your smartphone, but so far its functionality was still pretty primitiveand ergonomics are far from ideal for those who can test it regularly.

For these reasons Microsoft went back to work and worked on an update to its app for all Android devices, an update available since yesterday. Main project with introduced new functions: Consulting offline emails has been simplified significantly.

Indeed, until now, Outlook only allowed access to emails received from a smartphone by connecting to the app. This is no longer the case as Outlook can now process it. unlimited history sync The number of all emails received on Outlook servers (i.e. received on a computer).

A more complete and polished search history has also been added with the addition of server-side search. Find all incoming messages on your Hotmail/Outlook account on your smartphone and all accounts synced with the app.

Android Outlook Update: New Colors

Other less significant improvements are also in the program in this release. Some fall under some pretty helpful tips. automatic sending of predefined responses In the absence or use of aliases (this is practical during the holiday period). Others are purely for aesthetic purposes, with the inclusion of different skin colors: pink, crimson, orange, light green, green, blue-green, light blue, purple, velvet and black.

The Outlook app for Android is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded from the link below.

Outlook for Android on Google Playthrough

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