Lost smartphone: 5 best apps to find it!

Gone are the days of our smartphones being expensive, feature phones, and the fact that we carry computers in our pockets puts us at risk of losing an object worth several hundred euros and containing thousands of information every day. personal.

Security is one of the main development areas of smartphones, albeit in communication by different brands. Also, the law allowed the device to be rendered unusable by intervening in the United States, where all smartphones sold in California must have a Kill Switch.

The functionality has thus been natively integrated into Android Lollipop, and we can hope that over time thefts will decrease and become more and more useless. But like any protection, Kill Switch will always be bypassed by the most nerd thieveswill find many solutions to operate the machines.

Also, before taking such drastic measures when our machines are lost, other actions are possible, hoping they are lost or the thief hasn’t disabled them yet. Sometimes there are apps for these few situations that we can save, here is our 5 best apps to find your smartphone.

where is my droid

Where’s My Droid is a simple yet effective application. The free version provides a feature that allows you to configure alarms, locate the smartphone on a map, apply it to the smartphone.send GPS signal when battery is deadto communicate with the application through the special site or, if necessary, by interacting with the smartphone via SMS.

find app smartphone

If you paid € 3.21 for the paid version, you can remotely wipe and lock your smartphone. you can also hide app icon, so that even the most savvy thieves won’t try to remove it. Finally, you can trigger photo taking remotely via the front sensor, which you can refer to on the app site.

google play apps find smartphone

Cerberus Anti-Theft Protection

Cerberus is one of the great classic apps to take down thieves. Here too you can position your smartphone on a map, application that activates your GPS on demand on the relevant site. You can also remotely wipe and lock the machine and hide the application icon.


In addition, Cerberus allows you to view a list of calls made on the smartphone. You will have to discuss the rest with the authorities, but at least you will have your file at hand.

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google play apps find smartphone

against theft

It’s hard to talk about security without talking about Avast. Sure, he knows how to hate when the editor shouts at three in the morning that the VPS database has been updated, but it’s for our own good.

find your avast android smartphone

Also for our security, Avast has released a standalone version of its anti-theft features separate from its antivirus. This is how Anti Theft was born, with its classic monitoring, alarms, and remote wipe and lock features. Moreover, In case of SIM card changea notification will be sent to you and you can have him secretly call you to hear what is being said around him.

These are free functions only. Premium features that work with a monthly or annual subscription, automatic photo shoot when the thief tries to unlock the smartphone, which is a dream in such a situation.

google play apps find smartphone

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Android Device Manager

As with many of our picks, it’s hard to overlook Google. The giant went there with his participation. Android Device Manager has the advantage of being an in-house product if it doesn’t allow many things.

find the best app-android smartphone

What characterizes the Google app is often its simplicity. These are the most basic features of such applications, neither more nor less. This allows you to locate your machine and remotely manage lock and wipe operations, which you can easily control. Multiple devices connected to your Google account.

google play apps find smartphone

Anti-Theft Protection

Prey is also one of the great classic apps dedicated to the security of your lost or stolen smartphone. In addition to the now standard find, remote lock, and equally remote wipe, the app can: Prevent removal via permission management.

android apps wipe cell phone

Prey can also search for nearby WiFi connections to determine. location of smartphone with triangulation. If you have multiple machines that you need to secure and you want to keep track of what is being done with them in real time, the pro version is for you

google play apps find smartphone

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