Instagram: Shaking your smartphone will soon notify you that there is a problem with the app

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Shortly after confirming the Take a Break feature, Instagram president Adam Mosseri announced in a video published yesterday that the company has added two new features to improve the user experience; These include “Rage Shake”, which will allow users to report an issue faster. This feature will encourage you to express your frustration by shaking your smartphone..

In fact, if you encounter an error in the Instagram application or your social network is down, which happens quite often, all you need to do is Shake your smartphone to open a window that lets you quickly report problems technical or malfunctions.

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Instagram will let you delete photos from the carousel

The second feature announced by Adam Mosseri is the following possibility: delete content in carouselwhether it is photo or video. It’s possible to post multiple photos at once on Instagram, and they will then appear as slides in the same post.

But if you regret posting an image to these carousels, whether because you no longer like the photo or because it shows someone you’re no longer friends with, until now it was not possible to delete a single photo from the carousel. Instagram has now solved this problem by adding an option to delete a specific photo. instead of having to delete the entire carousel.

Users will be able to click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of a post and select “edit,” then scroll to the photo they want to delete and tap the delete icon in the top-left corner.

For now, not all Instagram users will have access to these two new features. In fact, Adam Mosseri states at the beginning: “Rage Shake” will be available on Android and iOS only in the United Statesand this option The ability to delete photos from the carousel is currently only available on iOSand said it would come to Android later. So we will have to be patient before we see them arrive in France. Meanwhile, Instagram recently added other cool features in Reels, including text-to-speech and voice changers.

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