Google presents RAISR: better photos thanks to artificial intelligence

The biggest revolution that smartphones will bring will be none other than combining many devices in our daily lives into a single object. Thus, smartphones will replace mobile phones, MP3 players and above all digital cameras.

Gone are the days when we invested in these small devices: now smartphones take pictures for us. Today, Google Pixel takes the best photophone crown with 89 points in the DxOMark test.

And that means even Google’s simple Camera app, which the developer introduced today, could become even more powerful in the future. RAISR (For Fast and Accurate Image Super Resolution).

This is an algorithm from Google labs that allows you to automatically increase the definition of low-quality photos by finding the perfect quality. Beyond upgrading, it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop successfully. recreate the image in high definition. The result is fascinating.


Although this technology is still experimental, the developer does not rule out future integration into Google software packages. We also learn that this applicable on mobile no problem.


Unfortunately, this technology will not solve the big problem of the Google Pixel camera, whose sensor is haloing its photos. But in the future, it can be used, for example, to improve the digital zoom of our devices.

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