Google Play Store: Latest update ensures you don’t miss your notifications

Google Play store

Google continues to make the Play Store more useful by making update after update. However, notifications are a feature that makes users’ lives much easier by alerting them when a subscription is about to change or a new version of an app is available. Therefore, it is often better not to miss them, otherwise you may not notice important information.

The latest Play Store update ensures you don’t miss these alerts. Until now, the little bell icon representing notifications only appeared when the user received a notification. This was then placed inside the search bar, which remained empty if no item caught the smartphone owner’s attention.

A small design change that changes everything in the Google Play Store

In its latest version, this little bell can be removed from the search bar for solo browsing. Now the icon will be to the right of the search bar and to the left of the user’s profile icon. Although it has lost the blue color that made it clearly identifiable when present, it remains constantly on the screen, even when there are no notifications.

You don’t need to go to app settings to access the latest news. This minor design innovation, which first appeared at the beginning of January, now seems to cover many Android devices. After the update, Google Play Store is at version 34.3.18-21. If you don’t have access yet, it will arrive on your smartphone or tablet within a few days.

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