Google Play Games: “nearby players” function coming soon!

An option is coming to Google Play games that will probably let you detect and play with players near you.

The Play Store has seen a few updates coming in the last few weeks, especially as it always adapts the graphical requirement of the app a little more to Material Design. Another change has been rumored that raises the possibility of a “nearby players” feature on the Galaxy Google Play.

Some Internet users have delved into the latest update of Google Play Services, which was updated less than a month ago, not the Play Store, and ‘different feedback from players in countries like Italy and Mexico. update, I also agree with this information, so “Nearby players” function ready to show itself.

However, there is currently no official statement from Google regarding the rollout and details of the feature. From what we know for now, the function logically uses geolocation. detecting people around us using the same games, but also WiFi, Bluetooth and more surprisingly microphone and speaker. The people we contact can be Google+ contacts or anyone in our circle.

google play services player proximity

google play nearby players

between Similar features were already available for 3DS or Playstation Vita players, so the idea was already in the minds of the players and for some it was a real expectation. Now, this expectation will most likely be met and the amount of multiplayer games available on the Play Store will gain a new dimension.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to be matched with a nearby player and you can always find someone anywhere in the World. On the other hand, there is a setting to disable the option if the subject of your location is specifically for you.

For the option to be possible you will need the latest version of Google Play Services currently available and an updated version of Google Play Games, but having both does not guarantee the availability of the function. Be patient, so within a few weeks you will be able to make virtual, real friends.


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