Google Photos: Colorize will soon automatically colorize your black and white photos

The Google Photos beta will finally take advantage of the Colorize feature introduced during Google I/O in 2018. This allows you to colorize black and white photos automatically. All thanks to machine learning and object recognition. It’s an impressive feature that brings these stereotypes undeniably closer to us – even if some argue it’s losing its appeal – and Google promises it’s coming soon… when it was announced during the Google I/O 2018 conference. There was “radio silence,” raising fears that this project would add to the firm’s long list of failures. Well, until now. Google Photos development manager David Lieb decided to deliver the Colorize news in a series of tweets. After an article by our colleagues at Mashable They criticize Google’s promises that never come true and call it “steamware” (from steam = steam and stuff = goods, objects, creations or commodities).

Google Photos will soon be able to take advantage of Colorize in beta

David Lieb acknowledges and reassures in his first message: “We humbly accept the ‘zero 👏 and 💩’ award from @Mashable for our Colorize feature that we haven’t launched yet. We’re working on it – we just didn’t want to rush it.”. He then colors a photo of his grandparents’ wedding, showing in a short video what the feature is already capable of. But add this: “You can see that we still have work to do; my grandfather didn’t wear pink pants at his wedding!”. And David Lieb concludes: “We hope to present [Colorize] It will be in beta soon and we would love to hear from you and help you test it.”

David Lieb does not provide further details on when exactly this functionality will be available in his replies to his tweets. Mashable’s criticism is legitimate though: During every Google I/O, engineers from the firm reveal features that don’t always result in anything public. Another example is this Google Photos feature introduced at Google I/O 2017 that automatically deletes objects like foreground wire mesh. A feature that has since been permanently stuck on the shelf steam goods.

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