Google Photos on Android and iOS is getting new video filters, but they’re not for everyone


Google Photos offers the least twelve new filters This allows you to change the look of your videos with a simple gesture. These new effects are called “Mixture of dust”, “Paper tear”, “Black and White film”, “Lomo”, “Light leak”, “Film mood”, Chromatic”, “Fisheye”, “Vintage”, “Layouts”, “Retro film” And “To send”. If you’re excited to try these new filters, please note that they are not yet available to all users. Actually not only available to Google One subscribers or to owners of Pixel smartphones, such as the very good Pixel 7a.

To access these new filters, simply launch the Google Photos app on your smartphone and navigate to your library. Tap the Edit icon at the bottom of the screen under the video you want to edit. Then all you have to do is scroll through the filters until you find the one that interests you (usually appearing after the Set button).

Google Photos’ new video filters are only available on Pixels

Among the most notable new filters we found:

  • Dust Blend, which applies random scratches and dust spots to the surface of the video
  • Paper Tear, which transforms the video surface to look like a torn piece of paper
  • Lomo adding light rays to the edges of the video for a vintage effect
  • Fisheye (hence fisheye), which gives the impression that you shot video with an ultra-short focal length lens
  • Layouts that divide the video into several boxes with rounded edges. In each of them we see part of the image enlarged to a certain degree.

In the opinion of early testers, it would be beneficial if these new effects were more configurable. We can bet that Google is working to improve this aspect of the service and aims to compete with the big names in the genre, TikTok and SnapChat.

Source : Forbes

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