Google may open future Finder network to rival Bluetooth trackers

As you may know, Apple and Google announced a new partnership on May 2, 2023. Through this alliance, the two companies want to develop an unprecedented standard to prevent malicious users from using Bluetooth beacons to spy on or track users.

Rightfully so, there are countless cases of fraudulent use of AirTags or other trackers. In May 2022, a family shared that a stranger followed them to a Disney park using the Apple sign. In 2021, a young woman found a secret tracker hidden under her car.

And in parallel with this association with the apple brand, Google continues to work on future Finder network, Apple’s counterpart in the Find My ecosystem. Like the Cupertino company’s environment, the Finder network has gone beyond searching for lost phones, especially Find Bluetooth beacons and devices with built-in location capability.

More precisely, they will therefore have tags. Pebble Bee, Eufy and Chipolo. Currently, the trackers of these three companies integrate perfectly with Apple’s Find My, while Android users have to go through a dedicated app to find their signs. We suspect it is compatible with the Finder network, Android users will be able to track their audience without an additional app.

More importantly, the documents shared by 9To5Google make no mention of Samsung and Tile, two manufacturers that still hold a prominent position in the Bluetooth tracker market. As a reminder, in addition to the Finder network, Google was also preparing its own Android Bluetooth tracker. It also responds to the Grogu codename.

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