Google Chrome will allow password sharing between users, good or bad idea?

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Leopeva64, a prolific leaker, shared a screenshot on Twitter revealing Google’s plans for the Chrome browser. If we are to believe the file shared on networks, the company is currently in a testing phase. New sharing feature in password manager.

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Google continues to make improvements to Chrome, one of its flagship products. Less than a week ago the browser gained the following feature: screenshots in private modeand became compatible with encryption keys in December 2022. Biometric technology dedicated to replacing traditional identifiers. Is this why Google pays special attention to the password manager interface?

Chrome will offer password sharing from a dedicated manager

On Chrome’s password manager pageLeopova64 noticed that a new “Share” button appeared at the bottom right of the editing window. Apparently this is not active, but there is no doubt about its usefulness. According to this Android HeadlinesThis feature has been in the works for over a year and the company is probably in the process of developing it.Assess “privacy risks” associated with it.


Indeed, cybercriminals, in one way or another, Access shared passwords from Chrome. Google’s browser is the most used browser in the world with more than 66% market share. This leading position makes its users ideal targets for cyber criminals of all kinds. That’s a good thing for them, Chrome is by far the most vulnerable web browser.

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