Google can now remove photos of people under 18 from search results

On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, Google announced the implementation of a new option dedicated to compatibility with: privacy of children and adolescents. “Anyone under the age of 18 or their parent or guardian can now request that their image be removed from search results”He explains Google in a blog post.

Concretely, the search giant now has all minors can easily request the deletion of their photos From Google Pictures. For your information, the option was announced as early as August 2021. It took a few more months for Google to implement this functionality.

How can I ask Google to remove photos of a minor from their results?

Google states that “these images will no longer appear as thumbnails in the Images tab or any Google Search features”. However, this process is not enough. delete picture from internet. To have the photo deleted, minors or their parents should contact the person who manages the website that hosts it. To request the deletion of photos of a minor from Google search results, simply do the following maneuver:

  • Using your removal request form available at this address
  • Fill out the form specifying the URL of all the images you want to remove
  • Also include the URL of all search results pages that contain images
  • Also provide a list of search terms that highlight photos

After the form is completed, Google reviews the request. “If the request meets our requirements, we will notify you when we remove the image”, says Google. The company does not specify what deletion criteriais a violation of GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation. This arrangement allows any Internet user to have a self-representing photo deleted when requested.

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