Google Assistant Car mode is stopping, find out what the alternatives are

Google is a company known for creating as many applications as it drops. Today we learn this Assistant’s Car mode is being scrapped. As the name suggests, it allows you to read and send messages, make calls, and even control your multimedia content using voice commands while behind the wheel. This service will not last long as it was only launched a year ago. The feature was supposed to replace the Android Auto smartphone app, which disappeared a year ago.

Between the Android Auto app on the dashboard that has been around for about 7 years, the mobile app that no longer exists, and the Google Assistant Car mode and Google Maps car mode that will disappear, there is something in it that will disappear. To further add to the confusion, Google initially announced from the Car mode homepage that only the Assistant mode’s Map function would disappear. Unfortunately, the entire Car mod was withdrawn from circulation barely a year after its release Entered the track via Android 12.

Drivers using Android will have to make do with Google Maps or Waze on Android Auto

Google Assistant’s Car mode will be officially shut down starting November 21, 2022. Drivers who want to continue using a Google app for their navigation needs can use Android Auto or Google Maps, whose future interface will offer more customization than Google Assistant. car mode on their smartphones. This seems to be the preferred mode by drivers, as the majority of people are willing to use the maps app more than Google Assistant, according to the company’s data. It’s true that Google Maps has become so ubiquitous that few navigation apps can compete with it other than Waze, one of the most widely used GPS devices in the world.

Therefore, Google Assistant’s Car mode has been added to the long list of services and products that Google will abandon because they are not successful with the public. The Mountain View giant is increasing its initiatives in the field of smartphones and accessories, as well as in the software field. The company is currently in the news with its new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones that offer a revolutionary feature to de-blur your photos.

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