Google App Maker: Build your Android app easily and without coding

Hello. I don’t know who you are, I don’t know where you are from but still today I will prove to you that I can read your mind and memories to express a very simple truth: you have it all, once in your life you thought you had the right idea to build a successful app.

I am not Nostradamus, I am only human. We all miss being the next Mark Zuckerberg, or even Steve Jobs, who, with our innate genius, surpasses the trends of becoming a billionaire overnight. The problem is that coding an Android app can quickly become a headache.

Google thought of us as people who are looking for creativity but don’t want to invest in Java courses. App Makera new piece of software that is now part of G Suite that allows you to create any application in a very simple way.

The tool is based on an interface WYSIWYG, drag and drop, without any programming knowledge required to operate. You’ll finally be able to tap into your dreams with your fingertips, especially as the app lets you natively integrate certain Google services like Maps or Contacts.

It is now available in the G Suite software package (formerly Google Apps) for professionals and costs 40 euros per user per year. It is launched via the Google Cloud Platform and can therefore be used on any device with an internet connection: We will obviously consider Chromebooks.

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