Gmail: The new interface will be available to all users very soon, whether you like it or not

Last June, Google introduced its new Gmail user interface that adopts Material You, a variation of Material Design, a set of rules that are added to Google products and give them a distinctive look. Internet users are known to be conservative. They don’t like their habits to be disrupted. Google had planned this and gave the opportunity to return to the old Gmail interface. But the company warned stubborn parties: This option will only be temporary. Whether you like it or not, you will have to adopt the new version of Gmail.

This important day, which has been postponed for several months, will come very soon. Google hasn’t announced a date, we only know that the new version of Gmail “without the old interface” will be rolled out gradually for the next two weeks. The company aims to be reassuring on its blog. Even if Mail, Chat, Spaces and Meet benefit from a new interface, users will still be able to configure the mail client to their liking: the theme and layout of the email box will remain at a high level Configurable via settings button and the Quick Setup menu.

The new Gmail interface will become mandatory, it will not be possible to return to the old one

Now there is a link to Mail, Chat, Spaces and Meet services. vertical sidebar on the right of the screen. Depending on the app you’re using, a sidebar appears on the left. You can access other Google programs here: Calendar, Keep, Tasks and Contacts. The last button gives you access to the Google Workspace Marketplace. The latter allows you to download productivity extensions like Zoom or Dropbox for Gmail or Slack for Gmail.


Nobody likes to change their habits, but we have to admit that the new Gmail interface is more beautiful and more functional. The organization of the elements is clear and Ergonomics improved overall. Note that if you want the Chat and Meeting apps to appear in the new interface, you will need to enable them manually. Without this, the difference with the old version will be minimal, even if there is a risk of it going unnoticed.

Source : Google

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