Galaxy Z Fold 6: thinner and more autonomous, here’s what we can expect

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While Samsung is preparing to promote Galaxy Z Fold 6There are rumors that a cheaper version will be released to counter increasing competition in the industry. foldable smartphones. This model, which will follow the example Galaxy SFEIt aims to make this more accessible, albeit with some financial compromises. This strategy could be a response to pressure from rivals like the Honor Magic V2 and Samsung’s need to adapt to the changing smartphone market.

At the same time, speculations suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 may borrow 200MP photo sensor The S24 Ultra takes the photography performance of Samsung’s foldable smartphones to a new level. However, this improvement may come at the expense of battery life, creating a dilemma between image quality and battery life. In addition, information received from reliable sources shows that Samsung plans to significantly enlarge both its own screen. Z Dial 6.

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Galaxy Z Fold 6: It would be thinner but have a larger battery

The latest leaks about the Galaxy Z Fold 6 reveal a host of features technical upgrades aims to improve its use. Together thickness reduced to 11 mmThe Fold 6 promises to be the thinnest model in Samsung’s lineup, competing with other foldable devices on the market. This size reduction still doesn’t preventbattery improvementContrary to what we see, gains 200mAh compared to the previous model. A welcome gesture by the Korean giant to reconcile elegant design and optimized autonomy.

It is also expected that Fold 6 will be adopted. more pronounced edgesinspired by the design Galaxy S24 Ultraand replace its aluminum frame with this: titaniumthus adding durability without sacrificing the lightness of the device. Although the rear camera setup will be retained, an improved under-display camera is also expected along with the processor upgrade Snapdragon 8 Generation 3, specifically designed to deliver increased performance. These adjustments, combined with an increase in the size of the external display, aim to improve ergonomics and place this smartphone in the top tier. center of attention for 2024.

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