Facebook will optimize its app to save your smartphone battery

if you use Facebook app on your smartphone, that it definitely consumes a lot of energy and battery suffered from it. This can be seen especially on the Apple iPhone, but not exclusively. The good news is Mark Zuckerberg’s teams are working on a fixto optimize energy consumption Facebook app

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This is a topic that has been discussed a lot, especially among iOS users lately. The Facebook app is particularly energy-intensive and consumes some iPhone users. up to 20% battery. It’s just too big.

The reason for this overconsumption is: the application performs background tasks that is, when the application is closed, it checks whether any information such as a new message or notification is received. These tasks have a significant impact on the autonomy of the smartphone. This is one of the reasons why some users use Facebook Lite.

Particularly affected iOS users

If the Android app is affected, the most affected are mainly iOS users. The app uses a backdoor method to access information even when auto-refresh is disabled.

The developers call this “technique” “white noise”. This is a specific feature of iOS. The principle is quite simple: “white noise” makes the system believe that a video is playing, and thus uses access to protected electrical sources to control whether the application is refreshed or not.

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Faced with this issue and user complaints, Facebook promised to work on a fix which should be brought “fast”. In the meantime, you will need to keep charging your smartphone frequently. Finally, iPhone users (ooh!!! The big death troll that kills! 😉 )


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