Facebook Messenger has been removed by users because it is mandatory! (Update)

A little less than three weeks ago, we announced that Facebook will force you to install the Messenger app if you want to be able to use mobile chat. Reading your comments, we can at least say that this decision was not unanimous. Now that this application is mandatory, it is far from serene, as evidenced by the comments in the app catalogs..

Facebook Messenger has been lynched since it became mandatory!

First of all, remember that this obligation concerns both Android and iOS users. Second, it posted nearly 1600 reviews in just 10 days, with 90% of those reviews accompanied by the worst rating (1 star out of 5). On the Android users side, the opinions are similar. As you can see from the screenshot showing the article, the (large) majority of reviews are negative and critical of Facebook’s choice.

Anyway, Facebook is not ready to back down because Messenger is already at the top of stores in many countries. Facebook wants to “crack” its app to replicate logins to the network so it becomes necessary. As proof, Facebook wants to transfer your money. If you have the Messenger app installed and let us know what you think about it. Do you agree with the general opinion?

Founded in 2004, Facebook has become indispensable within a few years. 10 years after its founding, it became the world’s first social network with more than 1.2 billion users. While some imagine it’s on the decline (why Facebook will disappear in 2017), Facebook continues to attract the general public, especially on smartphones. Statuses, photos and videos can be shared with friends just like instant messages. But, The ability to send messages to friends from the Facebook app will soon disappear. Descriptions.

Facebook Messenger will soon be mandatory for sending messages from mobile devices!

Currently, it’s possible to view their private messages and send them directly from the main Facebook app. You might not know, but Facebook has been offering an instant messaging app called Messenger for a while (since 2011 to be precise). If this is more intuitive and nice to send messages, not necessary at the moment.

“For now” because Facebook announced it on April 9you will need to install the Messenger app to use instant messaging messaging, which will gradually disappear from the Facebook app in two weeks. Facebook explains its decision by referring to a “better Facebook messaging experience” via Messenger, which is “fast and reliable”, before adding that “Messenger app users have found that, on average, it responds 20% faster to messages from friends.”.

Note that Android and iOS users are affected as opposed to Windows Phone users. Anyway, this decision may seem surprising as it could eclipse WhatsApp (WhatsApp was recently acquired by Facebook). But, a convergence between the two apps cannot be ruled out. You can always save time by downloading the application below. to wait for, share your impressions. Are you going to download Messenger? Do you understand the Facebook choice?

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