Facebook lied, social network still spying on minors


In recent weeks, Facebook has found itself again at the pier. Thanks to the revelations of whistleblower Frances Haugen, we now know that the social network treats its youngest users just like everyone else. In addition to collecting its data, it internally accepts: apps may harm adolescents’ mental health. But only internally: Meta publicly denies all rumors on this subject.

Still, the debate continues and Facebook has been forced to ease the tension. Last July, the group promised: Ads targeting minors will no longer trust their activity information. In other words, it is impossible to track teenagers online; You have to rely on their age, gender and location. But this seems to be just a theory.

Facebook is still collecting data from teenagers

In the report titled “How does Facebook continue to monitor teenagers?”Reset Australia and Fairplay and Global Action Plan organizations, social network not respecting someone’s commitments. “ Although Facebook has said it will no longer allow advertisers to selectively target young people, Facebook itself now appears to be continuing to target young people with the power of artificial intelligence.We can read it in the letter sent to Mark Zuckerberg.

To support their words, activists present the results of a study conducted by researchers Elena Yi-Ching Ho and Rys Farthing, as well as journalist Matthias Eberl. The latter created three Facebook accounts, one at age 13 and another at age 16. Their conclusions are final. Their information was actually collected from open tabs and visited pages.

That’s why Facebook’s artificial intelligence “An extremely powerful algorithm that can predict which ads each user is likely to engage with.”. In his name, Meta says it didn’t read the report. But the group provides:“Do not use data obtained from our advertisers and partners’ websites and applications to personalize ads for people under 18. »

Source : Reset Australia

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