Doodle Draw: The first game for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger will now become more fun and games will be integrated, allowing you to play with your friends. Doodle Draw is the first of its kind, but the possibility of creating such applications already exists since April.

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Initially, Facebook Messenger only allowed the creation of GIFs, memes and even sound effects, now it will be necessary to do with games on their own. This has been made possible by the fact that the tool has been available for several months so developers can build their own apps.

However, Doodle Draw is nothing short of revolutionary., because all you have to do is draw a pre-selected object or character and send it to your friends. It then gives you a drawing, etc., one by one. they will need to find the object in question before sending it.

draw doodle facebook messenger

The concept is far from new, as it adopts the principle of Pictionary, which was introduced in 1985. The Draw Something app on Android was very popular some time after it was released in 2012, before it was bought by the studio behind the title for several million dollars. zynga

If the arrival of games on Facebook Messenger has pleased some, others may be disappointed. Indeed, it is now possible to permanently block game invites, except for games like this. Doodle Draw won’t send notificationsbut a message.


To encourage you to play with your friends as much as possible, Doodle Draw works with virtual currency specific to its system. So it will be necessary to discover or send as many drawings as possible and this could well create a tidal wave of spam messages.

To get Doodle Draw back, simply launch Facebook Messenger, click on the three little dotted squares and scroll down the list until you find the game. Otherwise, Doodle Draw can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. Below is the image provided for this purpose.

google play doodle drawing


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