Crazy drivers use Snapchat to frame a fake criminal

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When creating Snapchat, the developers certainly did not foresee that the platform would become the favorite social network of outlaws. In fact, the instant message self-destruct feature is a godsend for those who would prefer their small businesses to remain out of sight. This is how social networking works especially popular in the drug worldAs Minister of Internal Affairs Gérald Darmanin stated.

But this is not the only abuse that can be made. Gard gendarmes have investigated a new practice that is clever to say the least. This includes after a traffic offense has been committed: Blaming an anonymous person via Snapchat nickname. “Thus, for a fee, a driver with a fictitious or usurped identity is determined to replace the violating driver by the person contacted via Snapchat.”Explain to the authorities.

They try to escape punishment thanks to Snapchat, but they get caught

This way, novice scammers hope to avoid having to pay for the ticket sent to them while maintaining their license points. For this purpose, they mostly identify people living abroad and therefore not having a French license. “These conditions make it impossible to impose a financial prosecution or sanction that would result in possible loss of points.”indicates gendarmerie.

Fraudsters quickly became frustrated when they thought they had found a flaw in the system. Using this strategy, some people were identified hundreds of times, arousing the suspicion of the police. It didn’t take long for them to track down the source and arrest the real culprit. To date, four fraudsters will appear before the Nîmes Judicial Court in 2022. 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 Euros.

Source : Occitanie

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