Chrome 92 will make web pages load faster on Windows, Linux and macOS

In November 2020, Google added a feature to speed up the loading of web pages. Chromium 86 for Android. The so-called “back-and-forth cache” caches pages that have just been closed by the Internet user. In fact, when the user clicks the Next or Previous button, the webpage is displayed almost instantly in Chrome for Android.

The contents of closed web pages in the desktop version of Chrome are deleted immediately. This measure allows Google to reduce the RAM consumption of the web browser. The flip side of the coin: Web pages opened with the Next or Previous button do not load instantly. On Windows, macOS, and Linux, Chrome needs to reload the webpage every time.

Chrome 92 will be available on July 20, 2021

According to information from our colleagues at Windows Latest, Google is currently testing the integration of “cache back and forth” in Chrome on Windows, macOS and Linux. This option has been in development for several years. It is currently available on the desktop in a Canary version reserved for beta testers.

When enabled, the pages you have viewed before will be loaded automatically. “Back cache is a browser feature that improves user experience. keeping a page active after the user leaves it and session history reuses it to make navigation more fluid (back/forward navigation buttons, etc.) and to make navigation instantaneous. Cached pages freeze and no longer run any javascript” Explains Google in a document that appears online. The option will need to be activated manually.

According to Windows Latest, Google will roll out this new feature for all users with Chrome 92. According to the latest news, the 92nd iteration of the browser in final and stable release will be distributed starting July 20, 2021.

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