Chrome on Android will load pages even faster

Chrome will benefit from an even more powerful data saver on Android called Simple mode. This allows users to save their data when they use the browser, but above all to speed up the loading of pages.

In a blog post, Google explains that the data saver of the Chrome browser for Android will be “Simple mode”. There are very tangible results for users behind this name change. “Pages will now load faster, in some cases much faster and use less memory”He promises the Mountain View firm.

Chrome runs faster and consumes less on Android

Smoother navigation is another good news for those who have to keep a close eye on their mobile data quota. Simple mode saves more data than before. But the previous tool already made it possible to reduce data consumption in Chrome by up to 60%.

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Here’s how it will work: “Simple mode will reduce data usage by using Google’s servers to compress the pages you visit before downloading them. […] Simple mode tells web servers that you want to get a less data-using version of the site, if available”The American giant explains.

We also learn that “If Chrome predicts that it will take longer than 5 seconds for the first text or image to appear on the screen, it will load the Lite version of the page”. “Lite pages are highly optimized for significantly faster loading”added.

To enable data saver/Simple mode in Chrome, go to browser menu to access Settings. Then, after scrolling, select Data Saver and enable the option. You can also see what data the feature has saved for you here.

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