Bleep: secure messaging is available to protect your privacy

Bleep is a messaging application developed by BiTorrent. Yes, another one but this time security and protects your privacy very comprehensively. The icing on the cake is already available on the Play Store for the fanciest, and it would be wrong not to look at it without further delay.

After many revelations by Edward Snowden, many publishers have ventured into the idea of ​​offering privacy-focused apps. Unlike WhatsApp Messenger, Viber, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and other similar apps, Bleep relies on the privacy of a conversation between you and your contacts. The idea is pretty simple on paper and Uses Torrent network to exchange messages.

Sent messages are encrypted from the beginning ; only the sender (you) and the recipients (your contacts) have the decryption keys, which means they are the only ones who can logically decrypt the words distributed through Bleep. If someone tries to interrupt the conversation, they will only see a bunch of useless data. It would then take a lot of time to hope to understand a conversation saved in this way with a few supercomputers.

Also, Bleep has several features from the most popular messaging systems in its Alpha version, available for free on Android. Note that it is possible to sign up for the service with your mobile phone number or an email, unless you opt for the completely incognito mode. ingenious.

Also, keep in mind that the software is currently in public Alpha, meaning development isn’t finished yet. so the creators recommenduse their apps in WiFi mode to avoid some greedy data consumption. Also note that offline mode (sending messages in absence) is not yet possible. All that remains is to tell us what you think in the comments.

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