Best practices for backing up your data

One of the main assets of the Android platform, we repeat this often, is that it can be customized at will. This openness allows you to truly make the smartphone your property, because added his personal touchyour operating preferences.

Once you start, you won’t want to stop because it’s very enjoyable to be able to do what we want for our own good. However, if your smartphone is highly customizable without any pitfalls, you will need to root your phone for certain changes.

Many tutorials on this topic assure you that the methods are simple, but you should still keep in mind that they are not risk-free, so it is recommended to practice backing up your data before starting a manipulation. To assist you and while you wait for automatic backup on Android M, here is a selection of the best apps for backing up your data.

Best practices for backing up your data

APK Sharing and Backup

Here we start with the basics. Extremely easy to access, all you have to do is click on a specific app to start the backup process. You may have noticed that the title mentions “Share” or sharing. It actually lets you send a copy of the saved Android app via email or Bluetooth, which is a pretty nice little extra.

Google Play

Easy Backup and Restore

easy backup and restore

This application, which is completely free, is one of the easiest applications to use, as the name suggests. It works in rooted environment or it doesn’t. All your data Archived in .zip file and so it can be consulted from your smartphone or PC. It can save and restore your data to hard drives, microSD or Cloud and is compatible from Android version 2.3.

The advantages of this application lie in its freedom. It offers many backup options, in-app extensions are available if you wish, and one account can restore several smartphones. However, some criticisms target faulty or corrupt backups.

Google Play

Helium Backup

helium backup

Formerly known as Carbon, the app works like any other and works equally well on rooted and unrooted smartphones. Helium can backup and restore from the Cloud, microSD cards or a PC.

Available in free or paid version (about € 3.82), you will need At least Android version 4.0. PC, Mac and Linux versions are also available to manage your backups from a fixed workstation. Helium is capable of backing up and restoring many types of data.

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Google Play

app monster

app monster

The app is very popular among root organizers as it specializes in backing up apps. Whether it’s one or all of your apps, AppMonster remains easy to use and will let you know the progress of the backup as “Backed Up” confirming the success of the operation.

Note that if you choose the free version, your options will be limited. This version still has full backup capability, but you’ll only be able to do them under the app’s default settings; may not be suitable for everyone.

Google Play

Backup and Download Manager

Backup and Download Manager

Another application where ergonomics is well thought out. Backups are made in one or more applications according to your wishes, without any problems. As with APK Share and Backup, you can send a copy of the app to anyone. This app is you will allow to install or uninstall in one move an application. One of the biggest drawbacks is the presence of ads.

Google Play

Ultimate Backup

ultimate backup

Here we are dealing with a very complete solution for your backups. More than a simple app to backup your device, it is a device manager that can backup and restore your data. Backups can be moved to: Cloud or local storage. The app works on rooted and non-rooted devices.

It also allows you to choose between an APK or a backup of the APK and its data. Paid, free version provides enough features for basic use. The application runs from version 2.2 of Android.

Google Play

Apowersoft – Smartphone Manager

apowersoft manager

We’re getting closer to best practice. It provides a pleasant and productive experience. Initially, it is of course a free desktop application that allows you to manage your smartphone and therefore backup and restore your data.

PlayStore version is working From Android version 3.0 and It can also root your smartphone. Having a single application that takes care of backing up, rooting and restoring your data is a real advantage. The only problem is the desktop version is paid.

Google Play

File Explorer

an explorer

maybe someone favorites because of the truly comprehensive service it offers. To try your backup, simply select the app management icon and then the items you want to save. After this step is verified, the copies will automatically go to the folder attached to the application.

To restore these apps, go to the backup destination folder. Clicking on it starts the reinstallation.

Google Play


As with many other services, there are multiple solutions: file managers, apps or smartphones offer more or less the same services. Still, we’ll keep the clear and practical side of the last three apps on the list (Ultimate Backup, ApowerSoft, and Es).

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Which application do you use especially when you need to make a backup, do you have it on our list? best practices for backing up your data ? As always, feel free to share your views with us.

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