Best Heavy Duty Cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra

big bad Galaxy S20 Ultra It’s one of Samsung’s best ever phones, and it deserves a solid heavy-duty case to protect it from life’s daily hazards. At the same time, no one wants to add a bulky plastic case to their already large phone, which makes it heavier and harder to use.

That’s why we found some great, solid Galaxy S20 Ultra cases that protect it and also look good. These are hard or clear cases, some even have feet, and they’re all pretty stylish. Basically, while Otterbox is great, they’re not your only option. Either way, with a big and flashy phone like this, completely I want to use cover

1. Spigen Hard Armor Kickstand Case

Spigen makes some of the best cases that are durable, sturdy, yet stylish and affordable. And while there are quite a few to choose from, Tough Armor is one of our favourites. It has a dual-layer design for shockproof and durability, pads on the inside for extra comfort, a built-in kickstand and easy-to-press buttons. A great option worth buying.

2. Otterbox Symmetry Series Hard Case

The Symmetry series chassis is the newest addition to the Otterbox series, and for good reason. It offers the same heavy-duty design that everyone knows and loves from Otterbox, but in a stylish package that doesn’t feel like a brick in your hand. If you like the idea of ​​an Otterbox but don’t want something too bulky, the Symmetry series is your best bet. However, the model most people get is Otterbox Defender.

3. Ringke Fusion-X Transparent Case

Ringke Fusion-X cases are always popular as they are durable and strong without being overdone. You get a simple and transparent case with a solid outer frame to keep your phone safe. It’s a hard (and clear) polycarbonate plastic shell, but then they added a soft, shockproof TPU frame around the entire outer edge for drop protection. Also, the corners are double-thick with raised edges to keep the cameras and screen safe.

4. Urban Armor Gear Sovereign Vault (Military-Grade Protection)

UAG also makes some of the toughest, toughest, industrial cases that manage to be light as a feather and super comfortable to use. A loud phone like the Galaxy S20 Ultra needs a special case, and the UAG Monarch, Crismon Red model is perfect, whether it’s a fine-grain leather trim or carbon fiber.

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Each Monarch case actually has five layers of material to keep your phone safe. A hard polycarbonate exoskeleton from a soft TPU inner shell encased in a metal alloy frame that is screwed together. Then they insert a nice leather or carbon fiber to make it not only sturdy but stylish and military-grade and approved.

5. Closed Rebel Armor Protective Sleeve Case

Last but not least is the ultra durable Encased Rebel case with the included protective belt holster. Wearing a phone this big on your belt might not be ideal, but people who work in the field still love a holster. You can also tie it to your backpack and other areas, not just with a belt. The Encased Rebel Armor offers a 10ft impact rating, full body protection and is the perfect overall case for someone who needs serious endurance.

Then stay tuned as we’ll continually update this list with the best cases we’ve seen, found or tested.

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