Android 14: Google is preparing a widget to access its artificial intelligence directly from the screen

With less than a week to go until the Google I/O 2023 conference, where the company will announce a host of new products and services, everything indicates that the online search giant is on the offensive. foldable smartphone, also on the software front, new applications related to artificial intelligence.

Just a few months ago, Google was considered the most advanced company in Artificial Intelligence. AlphaCode, the in-house AI, was coded as well as a novice programmer, and DeepMind’s AIs blasted professional Starcraft players and even chess players. While impressive, not all of these innovations were made available to the general public. I’The arrival of ChatGPT The release of OpenAI in November 2022 ushered in the mainstream AI era and reshuffled the cards. This competition is an existential threat to Google.

Google is preparing a widget for its Pixels that gives direct access to Bard

by the way 9TB 5 Google, the company would make a Bard widget that can be accessed directly from the screen of an Android smartphone. More precisely, the APK, analyzed by experts, shows that this functionality is at first Pixels, which are reserved for the company’s smartphones. The Mountain View firm has so far been quite cautious about deploying its AI-based services. You can get a taste of it in Gmail or Docs, but to take advantage of Google Bard’s AI, you’ll need to join a waiting list and chat from a browser.

We’ll have to wait until Google I/O 2023 to learn more about Google’s intentions. However, we can predict that the company will accompany the highly anticipated Pixel Fold promotion with an announcement about Bard. Foldable smartphone will be very expensive. Direct access to Bard’s AI from a widget may be a convincing selling point for some.

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