Android: Google crashes apps that collect more personal data than they should

Google continues to make life difficult for Android apps. Following the ban on displaying ads on the lock screen, it attacks apps that collect personal data that no longer need to work directly, and does so without notifying their users. It’s a situation that needs to change rapidly with the implementation of a new privacy policy.

Android will provide better control of personal data

The Android Security Team is implementing new restrictions on how apps can collect and share personal data. Applications provide users with privacy policies and give them, agree to share this information. The restriction is even stronger if the application requests access to data that Google deems unsuitable for the service offered by the application. “If the application collects and transmits personal data that is not directly related to its functionality, the application must clarify how the user’s data will be used and obtain their consent before initiating any data collection and sharing,” Google explains.

Developers have 60 days to update their apps to reflect this policy change. After this period, Google Play Protect, which is also used to detect malware-infected apps, will notify users when it detects that an app is not playing the transparency game and is trying to collect your personal data without notifying you. Interestingly, all Android apps are affected, including those not downloaded from the Play Store.

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